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I know. It’s been a while.

I got all caught up in life in general. We had the Thanksgiving through New Year’s holiday arc stuff that everyone in the US ends up dealing with, along with hockey and bowling tournaments that one or more of us attend around the same time of year the last several years. This year we also ended up having to get the tonsils and adenoids removed from the younger child, right before her birthday.  On the positive side of things, the eldest child got her braces removed, and we get a break of a couple of weeks before the youngest gets her braces on.

So, as you can guess, several things fell a little by the wayside.

Obviously, one of the things that fell behind was this blog. I was planning on doing a New Year’s Resolutions entry, but that float had flown, along with the entire month of January, before I really got to slow down. Still, even late, resolutions are important. I have so many things that I want to get done this year, but I know I can’t do it all. That’s always the difficulty with me. I’m a bit of an idea person. I have lots of ideas, and not all of them are good ideas, of course, but some of them aren’t bad either. So I have to decide which ones are good and which ones are, well, not so good.

There are always the standard New Year’s Resolutions, you know; lose weight, get organized, save money. Those are all great goals. In fact, those are all goals I have listed in the past. Those are all goals that would be beneficial for me to embrace, but usually I get through about maybe two or three weeks of excitement, then life comes up again, and I leave my great intentions for myself crumpled up on the floor, while I try and scramble to keep up with my family, and the rest of the world.

So this year, I’m narrowing it down to three goals:

1)      Get “Frankie the Chameleon” (a children’s book I and my kids are working on) finished and self-published.

2)      Pick a story I have already started writing, and give it middle, and an ending.

3)      Keep writing this blog, on a semi-regular basis, even if I don’t think I have anything to write about.

So there you have it folks… let’s have an awesome 2012!

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