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I gave in to the silent begging and pleading. I gave in to being shadowed whenever I moved from one end of the room to the other. My eldest dog has always seemed to feel that her job is to stand as warden for the household, and she is somewhere in the 11-14 year old range. For the last month or so she has been following me around with this look in her eyes that tells me she’s ready for the easy life, and she’s fairly certain that the Aussie mix (Trinity) isn’t up to the task, so I started looking for another dog to add to our crew.
Yes, you heard right. I was looking for a dog. Not a puppy. I have never looked for a puppy. They take so much work, what with potty training and well, general training. With the number of personalities in my home, when I do add a pet, especially one that will be interacting without cage walls in the way. I spent several weeks scouring the pound, the rescue societies, newspapers and Craigslist, looking for a younger dog with the right instincts and behavior. Then I ran across this ad with this pup that needed a home. She was just under 12 weeks old and I was told she was well potty trained, a little Husky/Lab mix, so I went to visit her, overexcited 10 year old and not so overexcited husband in tow.
Because the family that had her was in the midst of moving, we were met outside with the pup. I was a little skeptical due to her age, but when we got out of the car, my munchkin went straight over to meet her and I was amazed. She gave one welcoming bark and then sat down to accept any attention we wanted to give her. She didn’t jump up, she didn’t get overexcited, and she sat on command with no trouble. I was feeling pretty confident at this point, but I was waiting for just one more little thing. Then I heard it. That resigned sigh that my husband gives, when he knows I have found the “right” animal. So she came home with us.
To the previous owners’ credit, she is mostly potty trained, though there have been a few times we weren’t fast enough to the door. I think she’s doing great for a pup, and she gets along with the other dogs. She’s taught Trinity to play tug, which was apparently a confusing thing for her, and she also taught Wolfka to look up when passing the snow-bound deck, to ensure that she isn’t going to be landed on by a 22 lb puppy. It’s definitely changed Puppy classes with her and Trinity start on Saturday! I will get to train Clarabell, and under dad’s watchful eyes the 10 year old will be training Trinity. My eldest child doesn’t have the time for full time training, but she has been having fun teaching the dogs to take turns when playing fetch.


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