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I was planning on updating this after the first puppy classes since we got the new puppy Brigid, but it was too long to wait and having the house next door catch on fire, well I just have to share something like that right?

I was talking to my husband in the front room just after the youngest had gone to bed and I see firetrucks and paramedics driving around the corner, so I go look out the back door to see where they were headed and they stop right by my fence! I look over the fence at the neighbor’s house and there is clouds of black smoke pouring out of the chimney, and the Jack Russell was going crazy in the upstairs bedroom.

The firemen knocked on the door.. then when there was no response, with the exception of the increasingly frantic dog upstairs, they went on in. It didn’t take long for them to put the fire out, locate and remove the terrified dog, and secure the premises. They found a place for the dog until the residents returned, and left information on how to reach them.

It was handled very well and very quickly, but it still made me think. Especially when the firemen were still in the house and I was checking off the stuff I would need to grab if I started seeing flames. It makes you think when you start having to decide what handful of stuff means the most to you, or if you have time for any of it?

It made me look around and be thankful for my fortune, and although the neighbors are going to have one big mess to clean up, at least they are all still alive and healthy.


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So, I keep putting this one off.

Clarabell, the sweet pup I was so excited about, passed away just a few days after that post.
She did a wonderful job at the puppy class and she was a fantastic friend and playmate for Trinity. The day after her first puppy class, she was out in the fenced yard, which was made less effective due to the high accumulation in the yard, and my husband came in for just five minutes to check on the sick kid, and she got out. Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough to stop her from running into the road and being hit by a car.

My initial reaction, after crying for two days straight, was to obsessively start looking for another puppy. I found a new puppy, but she wasn’t quite ready to come home. So with that settled, my family and I were able to mourn properly. We will always remember her playfulness, and fearlessness. We will always miss the way that she often resembled a horse, more than a dog, galloping down the hallway to grab toys from Trinity to get her to play tug. Even Trinity was sad, she wouldn’t even play fetch down the hall anymore.

We have a new puppy, Brigid, who came home just last week, and is just 8 weeks old as of Saturday. She is helping us heal our hearts through sheer cuteness, but I think I will wait to share how wonderful she is, because Clarabell was wonderful too. I wish I had gotten to see how beautifully she got to be as an adult, but I know now that nothing can hurt her again.

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