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Well, another birthday has flown by.

First time in the Lake!

I was worried, because money has been a little tight because we have had to buy antibiotics for the puppy, but I ended up having a wonderful day. The morning was pretty normal. I dropped the ten-year old off at school, shortly after getting home from work. When I got back home, I played with the puppy

Brigid and worked on my computer in the morning while Jim and the other two dogs slept.

Then instead of going to sleep, my husband and I took the puppy and Trinity, our 5ish year old Australian Shepherd mix, for a walk in the park by the lake. Everybody had fun. Brigid and Trinity met a nice German Shepherd, and Brigid had a blast playing in the lake. Trinity thought about going in the lake, but it only took one wet paw to change her mind.

I talked to my teenager and then took a nap while everyone was out of the house for a few hours, either at tap dance lessons or working out. When I got up, Jim had all the ingredients for a recipe I wanted to try, and then we went and got a copy of the second p

age in my book digitized and the ten-year old and I and I picked out a dessert at Costco.

When everyone was home Jim began cooking. The recipe appeared more difficult than I thought it would be, so I went and got him a six-pack of a good Alaskan beer. Dinner was great. It was a BLT pasta dish, and it turned out resteraunt quality great, and it was followed up with the tuxedo mousse cake and red wine for me and beer for him, just milk for the kids though. We watched some stand up comedy and some Touch and then headed to sleep.

A day with the family, with no major fighting, excellent food and fun times. It just doesn’t get much better than that


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